Super Best Friend #1-3: A Superhero Adventure! SERIES FINALE

Created by Jason Inman

What if you livestreamed your best friend's secret identity to the entire world? This 48-page comic closes out the series! Super Best Friend is a comic series that tackles the nuances of friendship and sidekicks. Fans of Superman, Booster Gold and Spider-Man will not want to miss out! Written by Ringo Award nominated writer Jason Inman (Jupiter Jet & Super Soldiers), art by Jordi PĂ©rez (All New Firefly) colors by Alivon Ortiz (Aurora and the Eagle), letters by Taylor Esposito (Beef Bros & Red Hood) and edited by Brittany Matter (Miranda in the Maelstrom & Jupiter Jet and the Forgotten Radio), the 48-page oversized third issue concludes our series! Plus, don't miss our STUNNING Variant Cover by comics legend PHIL HESTER (Green Arrow, Swamp Thing, Gotham City Year One) & a super EXCLUSIVE VARIANT Cover by series creator & writer -- Jason Inman!